About Emma

Why do I love interior design so much?

Since I was a child houses have fascinated me. When I was little my parents would take me to dinner parties wrapped where I would be deposited upstairs to sleep while they enjoyed their evening. Very quietly I would get up and have a good look around to sample the taste and ideas on offer in the upstairs floor and see how different people put rooms together, how scale made a difference, whether there was an atmosphere, or it felt safe and dull. Soaking in all the details. I’m not sure I was doing this consciously, but I know I was deeply interested in how homes looked and the choices people made.

As an adult I have always dreamt about houses. Mysterious homes open up in my dreams with different types of architecture, some grand and some utilitarian, with complicated stairways and differing atmospheres, some welcoming and some not. In the bright light of reality I have owned four properties, and have lived or stayed in countless more internationally with my film industry work and in Los Angeles, where I lived for two years.

My own living space is incredibly important to me. Over years of refining every place I have lived in to make it comfortable and beautiful. I have accumulated a great deal of understanding of how to make the best of a space. My last home was featured in Country Living in May 2013. It was a beautiful, tiny fisherman’s clapboard cottage in Whitstable. I renovated it from scratch and the result was a blissful country house with a rose covered garden and light beautiful rooms. When I came to sell it I had two offers at the asking price within the first two days of it being advertised.

My current house was featured in Home and Antiques in June 2015. It is an old coach house I spent a year restoring, revamping, and styling both it and its gardens. I lived with my builders for eight dirty, noisy, dusty months but it was worth it. The result it a peaceful beautiful unusual and welcoming.

Over 20 years working on locations around the world in the film industry, and renovating houses closer to home, design and beauty have always been been a part of my life. For me, understanding space is intuitive and once the space has been properly aligned it’s time to have fun creating a wonderful atmosphere inside it using light, reflection, colour, shape and texture.

Recently I have been working in Borough in London on a stunning contemporary loft which includes designing an outdoor terrace and bespoke cabinetry. In Whitstable, I am working on the overhaul of a large modern house to bring charm and warmth to make it a family home. In the past year I have worked on designing many interior features, bespoke doors, windows and kitchens as well as a gardens for a Grade II listed house in East Sussex and another home in Whitstable.

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